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Shed Storage
February 10, 2020

5 DIY Shed Storage Ideas

How should you organize your shed? Between garden tools, the lawnmower, and seasonal storage needs your shed can fill up fast. Learn 5 DIY projects that will make shed storage simple and easy. 

Keep the Kids Organized

Make putting sports equipment away a little more fun with a throw and go shelf. Create a shelf with cubby openings so you can easily throw toys and balls back where they belong.

Shovels & Rakes 

Long-Handled Tool Rack

Photo @Family Handyman

Hang up your long-handled tools verse setting them along the wall. A bin is also helpful for large spaces like the garage. Use a bin with wheels in the garage and this DIY tool rack for the shed. 

Reduce and Reuse 

Golf Club Bag for Tools

Photo @ HGTV by Melissa George

Utilize what you already have around the house. Turn the old golf club bag into an easy carry bag for the garden. 

Pallet into Shelf 

Pallet Wall Shelf

Photo @ HGTV by Mick Telkamp

Be creative and store the tools you use most often outside the shed with a pallet wall. With a little refinishing you can make this DIY shelf look professional. 

The Ultimate DIY Solution

Green Patio Furniture

Self storage is great for the DIYers looking to save space. You can use our storage units in Beacon Falls CT for large items you can’t store at home or to help with seasonal tool storage.  

A-1 Self Storage is located in Beacon Falls CT and ready to help with all your home organization needs. Shed storage and garage organization projects are simple when you have the storage space to help you. Talk with our experts or view our available storage units online and rent today!