Back To School and Seasonal Storage Tips

It is back to school season, are you also tackling your seasonal storage as well? A-1 Self Storage can help! Between the new schedule and cool weather on the way, getting your gear ready for storage can be a challenge. With our local storage in Beacon Falls CT, storing for the season is a challenge no more! Storage is a solution for organizing the house and our experts can provide storage options as well as tips for an easy transition to a new school year.

Check out how to get ready for the school year and find answers for seasonal storage.

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School Year Solutions

  1. A command center is an easy way to stay on top of the shopping list, after school activities, and book bags.
  2. Labels are a solution to lost lunch boxes and water bottles. Between the classroom and the bus, these loose items can get mixed up or misplaced. Ensure they come back with a label.
  3. Get back in the swing of waking up early before the first day. Set an alarm to get back in the groove before summer ends.
  4. Schedule the yearly exams at the doctor’s office and remember to mark it on the calendar so no one forgets.
  5. Keep school forms organized with an accordion folder. This may be helpful for the kids as well instead of a bulky binder.

Seasonal Storage Tips for Fall

  1. Storing the yard equipment? Remove any flammable liquids and fill up tires to the correct PSI.
  2. Use a rack to keep canoes and kayaks off the floor. A hard surface for a long time can cause flat spots to the body.
  3. Take care of peddle bikes before moving them to storage, grease the chain and fill tires to the proper pressure.
  4. Store clothing like a professional with the help of InStyle’s article.
  5. Use our storage supplies and packing supplies to move everything to storage.

A-1 Self Storage can be your local storage option in Beacon Falls CT. Give us a call or choose your storage unit online.

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