5 DIY Shed Storage Ideas

Looking to clear out your shed? How should you organize it all once you clean out all the clutter? Between garden tools, the lawnmower, and seasonal storage needs, your shed space can fill up fast. Learn 5 DIY shed storage project ideas that will make finding additional storage around your house simple and easy.

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5 DIY Shed Storage Ideas

Your shed can quickly become a center of clutter. As time goes on, sheds tend to accumulate everything from broken equipment and outdated holiday decorations to stacks of old magazines. This clutter can get in the way the shed’s functional use and take up a lot more of your time. Organizing your shed not only streamlines day-to-day tasks but also promotes better equipment maintenance and can even elongate the lifespan of the shed itself. Brainstorm ideas for your next organization project.

Keep the Kids Organized

Make putting sports equipment away a little more fun with a throw-and-go shelf. Create a shelf with cubby openings so you can easily throw toys and balls back where they belong. This is also an easy way to keep track of where everything is. No need to sift through cabinets to find what you are looking for when it is all in your line of vision.

Shovels & Rakes

Hang up your long-handled tools instead of setting them along the wall. A bin is also helpful for large spaces like the garage. Use a bin with wheels in the garage and this DIY tool rack for the shed.

Reduce and Reuse

What is the best way to to avoid additional waste? Utilize what you already have around the house. For example, you can turn your old golf club bag into an easy carry bag for the garden. You have all your gardening tools close by for easy access, and you can easily tuck it away when you are finished with it.

Pallet into Shelf

Be creative and store the tools you use most often outside the shed with a pallet wall. With a little refinishing, you can make this DIY shelf look professional. Not only will you then have quick access to all your tools, but you add a rustic decoration look to your yard.

The Ultimate DIY Solution

Self storage is the perfect solution for DIYers looking to save space. By transitioning less-frequently used items into storage, homeowners can reclaim their garages for vehicle parking and make their sheds more accessible for gardening tools or other outdoor essentials. A well-organized storage/workspace not only simplifies tasks but also creates a safer environment by reducing potential trip hazards. You can rent our storage units in Beacon Falls, CT, for large items you can’t store at home or to help with seasonal tool storage.

A-1 Self Storage is located on South Main Street, and our experts are ready to help with all your home organization needs. Stop by or give us a call to talk through your situation and budget with our professionals. They can help you find the best option we have available at our facility—equipped with the necessary features to protect your load. Renovations and  organization projects are simple when you have the additional storage space to help you. We make the process easy by offering month-to-month leases to give you the flexibility to hit changing project deadlines. View our available storage units online and rent today!

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