3 Tips to Efficiently Pack Up a Storage Unit

Are you renting self storage for the first time? A-1 Self Storage is here for you throughout the entire process, from renting to packing to moving out. We offer a variety of storage options, including indoor, temperature control, and drive-up entry. Our storage experts are available to help you choose the right amenities for your items, or you can browse through our storage units yourself online. Once you have one picked out and reserved, check out our packing guide below for tips on how to pack your storage unit.

how to pack a storage unit

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How to Pack a Storage Unit

1. Place Heavier Items on the Bottom with Lighter Items on Top

When packing up your box and packing up your storage unit, heavy items like books can act as a strong foundation to support other objects. Keep your light objects on top to prevent them from getting crushed under the weight of other items. You also want to make sure you are packing your boxes up to a reasonable weight. It does not do you any good to pack a box that you will struggle to move. Keep the weight of your boxes and bins manageable!

2. Plan the Layout of Your Storage Unit

Which items will you need to access more frequently? Keep those items up front by the door, so you can quickly grab them without any hassle. Which boxes have valuable items? Pack those away in the back of your storage unit for additional security. Also, it is a good idea to include an aisle of some sort in your storage unit, so you can easily navigate the boxes in your storage unit to find what you need. Leaving space to walk through and move around boxes will benefit you long-term.

How to pack a storage unit


3. Label your Boxes to Help with Your Organization

Labeling will help you remember know what is in each box without opening it up. Mark down a category (“Garage”) and any key items (“drill, work tools, etc.” either on your box or a separate cheat sheet. This way, you won’t have to go digging around in each box to find a specific item. Face your labels toward the center of your storage unit, so you can see them without needed to move too many other objects.

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