Need Storage Supplies Near Beacon Falls CT?

1. When Choosing Boxes, Think Quality Over Quantity

Yes, your large boxes can fit a lot of items, but that is not always the best course of action. Too many heavy items in a box can cause it to bottom out and potentially damage your belongings. If you have been reusing boxes for storage purposes, it is best to store only lighter objects in them. Save your heavy items for boxes that are new or in better shape. If you need more boxes, A-1 Self Storage sells storage supplies on-site at our Beacon Falls CT facility. A percentage of each sale goes to Susan G. Komen for Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

2. Be Aware of Packing Too Heavy

There are a lot of factors to take into consideration when packing up boxes. Most people people pack on the basis of size. Your boxes might end up neatly packed, but your back probably will not appreciate it later. Think about the long game when packing. Are you able to carry the weight of that box down the stairs, into your car, and through the storage facility to your storage unit? Make it easier on yourself by packing heavier items in small boxes and lighter items in large boxes.

3. Label Everything

You have most likely already heard that you should label your boxes by the room into which their contents will be unpacked. We recommend taking that one step farther by also listing the contents of the box. It may seem like a lot of work when packing, but you will not regret it. Some boxes do not get unpacked for months after a move. Help yourself out so you do not have to struggle to find something later. 

A-1 Self Storage: Storage Units & Storage Supplies in Beacon Falls CT

After you start packing and have a better idea of the size of storage unit you need, check out some of the storage options A-1 Self Storage has to offer. We have interior, drive-up, and temperature-controlled storage units available to be rented or reserved for the future. Make A-1 Self Storage your one-stop shop for storage and storage supplies near Beacon Falls CT. See how we can help you!

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