Sell Online & Save Space With Self Storage

Ready to swap your items for extra space? This month A-1 Self Storage in Beacon Falls CT has tips for making space by selling your gear online. Make the process simple and sell online with the help of our Beacon Falls CT storage. While you find belongings you no longer use at home, post them online, and store them with us to start organizing. You can make space around the house now by storing your items for sale in storage.

A-1 Self Storage has indoor storage and drive up self storage to help you find the extra space you need. Start your Beacon Falls CT storage rental online today!

Sell Online Beacon Falls CT

The Benefits of Selling Online

  1. New apartment and looking for furniture? See what is online! You can furnish your whole house for less.
  2. Planning for an upcoming vacation? Sell your extra items and save up for extra spending money.
  3. College students are finishing up their current semester and no longer need their books. Selling them online helps both buyer and seller.

Tips to Sell Online

  1. Start the price out higher then you think and let your customers know you are willing to sell it for the best offer.
  2. Detailed photos give buyers all the details. You can keep your description to the basics by adding more photos.
  3. If you have had the items online for a few weeks with no attention, add a note the deal expires soon.

Let Go, Facebook Marketplace, and Etsy are websites that allow people to post their belongings to sell online. While you wait for someone to make an offer, storing your merchandise with A-1 Self Storage can be a solution.

Our Beacon Falls CT storage is ideal for small businesses and college students getting ready for May graduation. Talk with our storage professionals about short term college storage or self storage tips.

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