What Businesses Benefit from Commercial Storage?

Ready to revamp your business? Whether you need extra space to hold your inventory or keep seasonal items safe, commercial storage is your best bet. Easy and affordable, A-1 Self Storage has drive-up, interior, and temperature-controlled storage units to support your business as you grow.

Why Businesses Would Use Commercial Storage

  • Starting up
  • Moving
  • Expanding
  • Adapting to working from home

Businesses come with inventory, supplies, equipment, files, and more. If you are running a business from home, space will quickly get taken up in your house. Keep your home storage space and workspace clear by using commercial self storage. This affordable option is cheaper than renting office space, and A-1 Self Storage offers the flexibility of month-by-month leasing.

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Businesses That Can Benefit from Commercial Storage

Construction Businesses

Only keep around what you need for each job. Store extra supplies and equipment out of the way until you need it. Drive-up storage units allow for easy loading and unloading, and wide aisle assure you can navigate your truck up to the storage unit. If you have to travel for a job, self storage makes sure you can bring along everything you need.

E-Commerce Businesses

Especially if your business is just starting out, inventory can start to overwhelm you. Clear your home and your head by organizing it all in a nearby storage unit. Drop off new inventory after you acquire a batch, and pick up orders when they come in. A-1 Self Storage recommends renting one of our temperature-controlled storage units to protect merchandise from extreme heat or cold.

Marketing Professionals

Sales representatives can use commercial storage to keep their products and samples in a centralized location when traveling. Storage units can also hold leftover stock that goes out of season. Marketing professionals that work with physical marketing materials, like posters and fliers, would benefit from temperature-controlled storage units. Keep materials in-tact until they need to be distributed.

Commercial Storage at A-1 Self Storage in Beacon Falls CT

Are you interested in commercial storage for your business? A-1 Self Storage on South Main Street has convenient and affordable storage for you. Our temperature-controlled storage units can give your items the extra layer of protection they need, while our drive-up options offer easy access. Call our office to speak to an expert about storage unit sizing help. When you are ready, you can rent or reserve with A-1 Self Storage through our contactless storage rentals!

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